Easton Area Neighborhood Center
902 Philadelphia Road, Easton, PA 18042
Phone: (610) 253-4253
The community is our business.

Since 1967, Easton Area Neighborhood Center has been helping local families overcome the challenges posed by hunger, homelessness and poverty. The Neighborhood Center makes a positive impact on the community every single day by supplying hundreds of needy families with food from our urban garden and food pantry, as well as by providing housing and other supports to homeless families with children.  

This work is made possible, in part, through our annual Night at the Races fundraiser, which we hope you will attend. The 2017 event will be held from 7-10 PM on Friday, November 3rd at the Holiday Inn Express in Easton. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution in honor of the Neighborhood Center’s 50th birthday ! Those who donate $250 or more will have a reserved table and will be publicly acknowledged during the awards ceremony portion of the event.

                                  Gold Standard Sponsorship ($1000) includes 8 event tickets, 
                                   1 race sponsorship, 5 horses, a full-page color ad in the evening's
                                   program and a name on the sponsor board.

                                   Triple Crown Sponsorship ($750) includes 6 event tickets, 
                                   1 race sponsorship, 4 horses, a full-page ad in the evening's 
                                   program, and a name on the sponsor board.

                                   Winner's Circle Sponsorship ($500) includes 4 event tickets, 
                                   3 horses, a full-page ad in the evening's program and a name 
                                   on the sponsor board.

                                    Mint Julep Sponsorship ($250) includes 2 event tickets, 2 horses
                                    and a half-page ad in the evening's program.

                                   Race Sponsor ($100) includes a quarter page ad and a name
                                   announced at the beginning of sponsored race.

​                                   Event ticket ($35) includes food, soda, beer and wine.
                                   Note:  No tickets will be issued but you will be added to the attendee list.

​                                   Buy and name a horse ($25).  If your horse wins its race, you win $75.

​Program Book Advertisement:  Quarter-page ($45), Half-Page ($75), Full-Page ($125)

It’s easy to support Night at the Races. Go directly to the PayPal by clicking the links above or mail in a sponsorship form.  
Night At the Races 
Come celebrate Easton Area Neighborhood Center's 50th Birthday! 
Support the Neighborhood Center's valuable work while mingling with like-minded supporters and business leaders committed to giving back to their communities.
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