Easton Area Neighborhood Center
902 Philadelphia Road, Easton, PA 18042
Phone: (610) 253-4253
The community is our business.

EANC operates a transitional housing shelter in downtown Easton. This shelter is for families (single parent or two-parent) with children.

RoofOver provides housing as well as case management tailored to each family. The goal of RoofOver is to provide support to these families as they learn to budget, save, and stabilize themselves.

RoofOver can accept families of one or two parents and up to four children.

Eligibility requirements for RoofOver are:
    -the family must have children
    -the family must have a minimum of $500/mo in income
    -at least one adult must be employed at time of entry
    -at least one adult must maintain employment at all times

A family must consist of at least one adult who maintains custody and/or legal guardianship of the child(ren). Families which include stepparents, unmarried couples, and domestic partnerships are welcome.

Each unit at RoofOver comes furnished with beds for the family, a futon couch, dining table and chairs, and household linens (towels, bedding, etc.). Families can work with staff to address any other immediate needs.

For more information the RoofOver program, or to apply, please contact EANC and ask for Emigh (Amy).
RoofOver- Transitional Housing
Watch a brief documentary on the RoofOver Transitional Shelter

Special Thanks to Athletes C.A.R.E for its support of RoofOver.