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Assistance Programs


UGI-CAP Assistance

The Neighborhood Center assists Easton residents experiencing difficulty paying their natural gas bill by enrolling them in UGI’s Community Assistance Program. This enables families to pay what they can afford so they can meet more of their other expenses. Often, participants are referred to other services provided by The Neighborhood Center or other providers.   

Please contact Jose Leon at 610.253.4253 or


Social Security Rep. Payee

Social Security, Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income recipients who have difficulty managing their financial resources may use The Neighborhood Center to assist them. Through this program, the agency pays all of the person’s expenses, including a periodic allowance. Conversations with participants will often lead to a discussion of other services offered by The Neighborhood Center or other service providers. Referrals may come from friends or family members, other service providers or the Social Security Administration. The Neighborhood Center charges a small fee to defray a portion of the costs of administering the program.  If it were not for this service, some of the participants would likely face periodic homelessness.  

Please contact Deborah Brown at 610.253.4256 or for more information.


Information & Referral

The Neighborhood Centers has several experienced Case Managers ready to assist you in navigating the daunting systems in Pennsylvania. Whether you need clothing, housing, or other resources, our Case Managers can help you get the resources you need. 

Please contact Susan Rambo at 610.253.4253 or

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