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Housing Services

Combating Homelessness

Rental Assistance

The Neighborhood Center assists individuals and families residing in Northampton County secure rental assistance through Northampton County's rental assistance program.

The Rental Assistance Program has led to staff building relationships with local landlords.  Participants often learn about other services available from The Neighborhood Center or other organizations by participating in this program will stay in touch with staff because of their positive experience.  

Red Buidling

RoofOver Transitional Housing

RoofOver is a transitional housing program for homeless and near-homeless families residing in Northampton County.  There are five housing units available to families.

Under the rules of the program, families may stay in the program for up to a year while they deal with the issues that led to their homelessness, and save money for their first month's rent and security deposit.  The families save by escrowing money with The Neighborhood Center.  Supportive counseling, financial literacy training, life skills education and assistance finding permanent housing are available to the families.  The financial literacy training includes participating in a mandatory class conducted by Fulton Bank.  The Neighborhood Center refers participants in the program after they leave RoofOver to assist the families.  This also gives The Neighborhood Center accurate information about the families' progress after they depart the program. 

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