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Easton Urban Farm

Cultivating healthy community through urban farming

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All too frequently, low-income families run out of money before they are able to buy food, largely due to high rents and low wages. The Easton Urban Farm in conjunction with The Neighborhood Center’s Food Pantry helps hundreds of families gain access to fresh produce grown on the Easton Urban Farm. The Neighborhood Center is located in a small city park and uses over half-an-acre for the Farm. In 2023, the farm harvested  over 11,000 pounds of produce. A farm manager leads the effort, assisted by dozens of volunteers. 

Not only is the Farm a source of produce, it also serves as an educational program for people interested in gardening, suitable for replication in any setting ranging from bucket gardens to backyard gardens to community gardens. In the future, the organization intends to build on the success of the Farm and the Food Pantry to establish The Neighborhood Center is a gathering place, where neighbors come to learn and socialize. Currently, efforts are underway to increase opportunities for senior citizens and intergenerational gardening.

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The farm's success has been built on a strong network of volunteers.  Volunteer opportunities for individuals and groups exist. If interested in volunteering at the farm, please our Farm Manager Katie Taylor or our volunteer coordinator Matthew Horwarth  

Easton Urban Farm in photos!

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