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Senior Hub

The Neighborhood Center's Senior Hub program is a mobile senior center, traveling to multiple senior populations in the City of Easton. Currently, Senior Hub is serving seniors at Bushkill House, Harlan House, and The Mill at Easton.

This goal of Senior Hub is to help seniors stay connected with their neighbors and their communities, as well as help to ensure that they are receiving services taht help them to remain comfortable and independent.

Hot Meals

Senior Hub provides a hot meal each day of programming. Thanks to support from generous donors and local businesses, our seniors are enjoying a hot, healthy meal!


Games and prizes

Games are used daily to encourage participation and, of course... to win prizes!


Outreach and services

Senior Hub staff is available to help seniors with any extra needs they may have. Case managers from The Neighborhood Center are also available as needed.


Fun Activities

Each day contains at least one activity to stimulate conversation and encourage creativity!


Socializing with neighbors

Each day at Senior Hub offers the opportunity for seniors to get to know their neighbors and form connections.


Companionship and friendship

Senior Hub encourages friendships and works to help participating seniors find "their tribe". 


Senior Hub is always accepting donations of art/craft items, puzzles, and more!

Click here to view the Wish List.

You may have these items in your home right now!

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